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SCIC is the parent company of the privately owned Osman Group of companies.  Osman Group is one of the largest established private groups in Egypt with annual turnovers surpassing L.E. 600 millions. SCIC is composed of several specialized industrial, contracting, agricultural and general engineering companies that are located in Egypt, as well as other Arab countries across the world.  In the last few years, the labor force of Osman Group has surpassed more than four thousands employees and is still growing.

SCIC was first established in 1977 under the investment law of Egypt No. 43, with a startup capital of L.E. 25 millions.  In 1993, The Egyptian Union for Construction classified SCIC as belonging to Category 1, and since then SCIC remains rooted in its position in Category 1.The Company is composed of a group of highly qualified and specialized engineers, architects, technicians and skilled labor working in two main sectors: construction and manufacturing (Precast Factory).




Our main   objective   is to provide the highest quality of construction services and products not only to the emerging Egyptian market but to other countries worldwide such as the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This success has been led by a management team and a faithful workforce keen on providing the highest quality under the most difficult conditions.  To maintain its position as a market leader in several specialized sectors, SCIC has been able to evolve and adapt over the past two and half decades to the ever changing market demands by skillful insight, wisdom, vision and teamwork that has placed it as a model for all companies within the engineering sector.

In the future, we shall aspire to continue increasing our market share by participating heavily in the major infrastructural works in Egypt and abroad by promoting new cost effective technologies that provide the highest international quality standards.

General Civil Contractor

SCIC’s main activities include execution of different types of municipal projects as well as industrial, residential and administration buildings.  The company carries out studies, designs and working drawings.  It has provided these services mainly in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. 

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Osman Group Factory for precast concrete products was established in 1980 as one of the largest precast concrete manufacturing facilities in the region. Although we specialize in manufacturing concrete pipes for various applications, we also design and manufacture a wide variety of other precast concrete products. For more information, click here.

Address: 7, Okasha St., Dokki, Giza-Egypt

Tel:  (+202)37613127

Cell: 0119005063

Fax: (+202)37606469

Post Office Box: 101 Orman- Giza- Egypt

Email: scic_og@osman.net