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With the significant increase in population, a need to provide food security emerged.

To this end, a national plan was devised to cope with the incredible increase of food requirements. The Osman Group participated in this plan by establishing “El Wafaa Farm Company” in 1984 with a capital of L.E. 5,000,000. 




The production and development of various species of duck, chicken, fish, and rabbit.



  1. Duck farms: black Muscovy duckling, mule duckling and pekin duck.
  2. Fish farms: Sea Bream and Sea Bass fish along with other various species of marine fish
  3. Fish hatcheries: Marine larvae of sea bream, sea bass.
  4. Chicken farms: Sasso colored day old chicks.
  5. Rabbit farm: various species of rabbit.


Cairo Office:

Tel:(202) 38172 547 / (202) 38172 788
Fax:(202) 38172 164


Tel: (202) 33859 070 / (202) 33859 071
Fax:(202) 33859 071


Tel:(2064) 3338 022 / (2064) 3338 023
Website: www.elwafaafarm.com