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Our mission as a business organization is to serve a wide sector of the corporate and government businesses, specifically in the Middle East, as well as the global community.

We provide a wide range of products and services that include construction, building materials, gypsum products, insulation products, agriculture, information technology, and trading.

We aim to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers byproviding them with cutting edge technologies tailored to meet their goals, while strictly abiding to health, safety, and environmental standards.


Integrity amongst our working partners and internally within the companyis integral to our success; it nurtures the mutual trust in our working environment.

Commitment to our work and customers is our key to success. It allows us to deliver projects on time and earns us respect amongst clients and partners. Our employee commitment allows the company continued prosperity.

Teamwork is one of the main pillars of any successful project. Productive teamwork allows diversity in nationalities and expertise which enables us to obtain the company’s goals.

Safety of our employees comes first. Everything else is secondary.

Environmental Sustainability is a prime concern for OG. We strive tofind ways of protecting our environment, and conserving its natural resources, while simultaneously raising awareness in communities we work in.


Osman Group is currently operating in Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya and North America.


Eng. Osman A. Osman and his brothers established the Osman A. Osman& Co. operating in the field of contracting and engineering.

Establishing the Industrial and General Enterprise Engineering

Company (Osman A. Osman& Co.) to accommodate the expanding volume of work, which was later, named The Arab Contractors (Osman A. Osman& Co.)

Nationalization of The Arab Contractors (Osman A. Osman& Co.) took place, while keeping its name and chairmanship under Eng. Osman A. Osman.

Eng. Osman A. Osman appointed Minister of Housing and Reconstruction

Eng. Hussein A. Osman took over the chairmanship and the company continued to flourish. The turnover surpassed $1 billion and the permanent employees amounted to more than 56,000.

The private sector was allowed to re-establish itself in Egypt under the New Investment Law resulting in the formation of:
The Osman Group (Osman A. Osman Group of Companies), which are privately owned ventures by members of the Osman family.

Osman Group is considered one of the large and well-established private groups in Egypt. Its services expand to cover Egypt with numerous offices and branches in the MENA and Arabian Gulf regions.


Founder’s Speech:

Osman Groups’ momentum today is due in very large part to the leadership, wisdom and foresight of our founding father, Osman Ahmed Osman.

We would like to share some of his values, thoughts, and advice quoted from his book, Pages from My Experience:


  • The principles that were ingrained in me as a child and to which I devoted my whole life to are: telling the truth, mastering work and punctuality.


  • Loss of money is small no matter how large but loss of men is large no matter how small. It was crucial to choose reliable men who can hold the responsibilities, in order to give my entire attention to what is important. That is my understanding of leadership.


  • As I always say love and loyalty are two sides of the same coin. Without either of them, man stands alone and defenseless in this battle called life.


  • I do not believe in coincidence—but I believe in hard work.


  • I never and will never ever admit to what they call crisis’s .It’s just poor management which calls for reorganization, in order to solve all problems.


  • Your work in this life defends you against all possible rumors. As long as you are sure of yourself, don’t waste your time looking back.


  • I advise my children to think before they act- always weigh your action aheadf of time.


  • Honesty is a trait that is not easily recognizable in a man. However with the passage of time and many trials, if it is there, it emerges.


  • I earned my success by trying to do what is right and thankfully, God has blessed me with more.

Chairman’s Speech:

Each generation reaps what the former generation has sown. We are fortunate to have the heritage of an organization that

Has endured great challenges through its history. We have always been led by the values established by our founder, Osman Ahmed Osman: Faith, Integrity, Commitment, and Teamwork. These values are the foundation for our success and will continue into the future.

 We watch great achievements of successful companies and learn to adapt what suits us, with great respect and appreciation for their experience, resilience and sustainability.

 It is the age of Information and the internal workings of companies will be exposed to the world and bureaucracies will be seen for what they are: slow, self-absorbed, customer insensitive – even unreasonable. But right utilization of information technology does more than just create unlimited business opportunities; it outs a small company soul into that big company body and gives it the transparency, excitement and spirit of a start-up. It is truly the elixir for Osman Group and others who relish excitement and change.

The Osman Group acquires its strength from the experience, talent, skill credibility & devotion of its human resources, either at the leadership level or the shop floor level. Our group is one family that consistently trains, develops, and adapts to changes that make us capable to deal with a dynamic global &unpredictable future business environment.

We thank our clients, staff and all the people we work with for our success in the past and the promise of the future.