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As Osman Group's policy to be always a pioneer in the construction industry in Egypt, Osmason Complex is committed to provide the highest quality products that exceed customers expectations in the building materials industry.

Osmason Complex main product lines are:

OsmaBoard is Egypt's first and only gypsum board (plasterboard) factory.

OsmanPlast  produces U.P.V.C pipes and other plastic products

- OsmaKraft produces kraft paper bags.


As Osman Group's policy to be always a pioneer in the construction industry in Egypt, we decided to establish Egypt's first local gypsum board factory. Gypsum boards are an alternative solution for Cement prefabricated walls and conventional brick walls.

To meet and exceed international specifications, we use only the finest raw materials. To maintain quality, we use gypsum plaster from our sister company Gipsina (holder of the international Gold star for Quality TQM QC 100 certificate). In addition, we use high-quality additives to enhance the gypsum boards specifications.



Primary Uses:

Gypsum boards are produced to suit different uses such as: residential construction works, commercial construction works, interior walls, ceilings, exterior sheeting, fire–resistant partitions, membranes and liner material for elevator shafts.

Board Dimensions:

Thickness: 9.5, 12.5, 15 mm ± 0.5 mm          Width: 1200 mm           Length: 2400, 2800, 3000 mm

Comply with:

DIN 18180                                          ES 2002 / 2009                            ASTM C1396 / C1396M


Osmaboard Metal Sections:

Osmaboard metal sections are used in construction of lightweight walls, in furring and cladding as

frames for Gypsum boards walls.


Gypsum Ceiling Tiles:

Osmaboard PVC laminated gypsum tiles are suitable for concealing mechanical, electrical pipes and cabling as well as air condition ducts. The elegant designs are eye catching and offer a wide variety for decoration. Osmaboard ceiling tiles have aluminum foil laminated back that protects the tiles from moisture and dew.

Storage and packing: 

                                     7.5x595x595mm= 8 Pcs/Pack  

                                     9.5x595x595mm= 6 Pcs/Pack



Technical Specifications:

Thickness: 7.5, 9.5 mm ±0.5 mm                   Width: 595 mm                        Length: 595, 1195 mm

Application Areas:

-           Offices.

-           Hospitals.

-           Shopping malls.

-           Hotels and resorts.

-           Residential projects.

-           Exhibition halls and convention centers.

-          Any area where high levels of acoustic absorption are required.

Osmaboard metal sections for suspended ceiling: Osmaboard metal sections are used as supporting frames for suspended ceilings.





Osmanplast is a part of Osmason Complex in Ismailia. Osmanplast manufactures and supplies a full range of uPVC pipes ranging from 50 mm to 630 mm in diameter. The produced pipes meet or exceed the Egyptian, German, American & British standards. Applications include water supply networks, sewage networks & industrial services. The factory is equipped with the latest machinery to meet all applicable standards and achieve outstanding quality.

Why use UPVC pipes?

-          The most economical, light in weight to carry and easy to install pipes.

-          Low coefficient of expansion.

-          Have high chemicals resistance against all kinds of acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents and oils.

-          Resistant to rusting.

-          Don’t need for maintenance.

-          Durable.

UPVC pipes specifications:

Our pipes are made according to the following standards:

ES 848 / 2001/ 2008                    ES 1717 / 2001/ 2008           DIN 8061/ 8062        BS 3505 / 350

DIN 19531/ 19534                        ASTM D 1785                        ASTM D 2241                


-          Store in cool dry shaded place, storage area must be flat and leveled.

-          Avoid contamination with oils, grease or petrol.

-          Pipes are to be stacked in layers not exceeding 1m in height.

-          Socketed pipes should be placed at alternate ends with the sockets protruding to ensure equal load distribution and avoid deformation of pipes.

-          If pipes of different sizes are stacked together, larger pipes are to be put at the bottom to avoid deformations.



Osmanplast T-Rib is produced from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) by extrusion method. HDPE is the most widely used geomembrance in the world.


-          T-Rib liner is produced in sheets 1.1 meter width and variable length as per client requirements.

-          Sheets thicknesses vary from 1.5 – 5 mm

Application of Osmanplast T-Rib sheet:

T- Rib is the best choice for protecting exposed surface.


Chemical waste disposal lines and tunnels system:

-          Chemical disposal line system.

-          Corrosive fluids lines.

-          Acidic waste lines.


-          Alkaline protection to concrete bases from groundwater.

-          Waterproofing for tunnels.

Industrial application:

-          Fertilizers storage silos.

-          Water treatment and waste disposal facilities.

-          Water tank.

PE T-Lining T-Lining


Basic Properties

HDPE T-Lining





Test method










ASTM D 1238


Melt Index (190 deg.C, 5 Kg.wt.)

g / 10 min.

≤ 0.69

ASTM D 1238


Melt Index (190 deg.C, 2.16 Kg.wt.)

g / 10 min.

≤ 1.00

ASTM D 638


Tensile Strength at Yield



ASTM D 638

ASTM D 412


Tensile Strength at Break


≥ 14.50

ASTM D 638

ASTM D 412


Elongation at Yield



ASTM D 638


Elongation at break


≥ 600

ASTM D 638

ASTM D 412


Carbon Black content



ASTM D 1603


Water Absorption


≤ 0.02

ASTM D 570




1.50 - 5.00

 ASTM D4801

OsmaKraft is one of the leader manufacturers of Kraft sacks in the Middle East region.

These sacks are generally manufactured using between one and three plies of sack Kraft (brown) in a wide range of different capacity. We can supply the sacks with additional plastic sacks upon client's requirements.


-          Clean and consistent fibers.

-          Fast bagging and easy sealing.

-          Durable and moisture proof.

Main Applications:

Packaging of powdered products such as: Lime, Gypsum and powdered products.



Head Office & Sales:

Address: 20 Haroun st. Dokki - Giza - Egypt.

        P.O.Box: 101 - Orman - Giza - Egypt.

        Tel: (+202) 33351271        Fax: (+202) 33351274

        Mobile: (+20) 1127799880

        eMail: osmason.sales@osman.net


Export Department Contacts:

Tel.: (+202) 37618513

Fax: (+202) 37618536

email:     exporting@osman.net

Eslam Abo Khalil

Senior Export  Specialist

Mob.: (+20)1123107779
email:  eslamabokhalil@osman.net 


Mobile: +2 01112333028


        Address: Industrial Zone 1, Ismailia

        Tel: (+2064) 3482635        Fax: (+2064) 3481835 

        eMail: osmancomplex@osman.net