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OGTech, an affiliate of the acclaimed Osman Group, is a systems integration company specializing in providing RFID solutions. We played a significant role in introducing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a special emphasis on Egypt and Qatar.

OGTech offers customizable RFID solutions, combining the latest top-quality hardware available on the market and state-of-the-art software developed by our in-house programming pioneers, which allow businesses to fully utilize various ventures. We take pride in being an RFID market leader in the region.

RFID technology has become the standard technology used worldwide when it comes to automatic identification and data capture due to its accuracy, applicability, durability, and simplicity. OGTech offers a wide variety of RFID from warehouse management to access control systems. RFID applications are endless in the sense that new implementations are being discovered all the time. We work towards helping our clients to manage business operations smoothly and efficiently by customizing a solution to suit their specific needs.

We deliver effective product development and project management to guarantee successful integration of our technology. We provide end-to-end solutions from system design to implementation to after sales services, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Since our establishment in 2007, OGTech has been focused on quality, innovation and combining the highest competences of our international partners.

What is RFID?   

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term, used to describe a system that transmits complete information of a tagged object or person wirelessly, using radio waves with a maximum reading range of 16 meters.

An RFID system uses tags, attached to the objects to be identified. Two-way radio transmitter-receivers called readers that send a signal to the tag and read its response and convert it to digital information that the host computer can understand, thus different reports are generated. See figure1



Industries use RFID for various applications such as personal/vehicle access control, departmental store security, equipment tracking, baggage, logistics, fixed assets management, supply chain management, etc. The enhancement in RFID technology has brought advantages that are related to resource optimization, increase in efficiency within business processes, overall improvements in business operations.



Smart Gate
Smart Care Clock
Book App
Fixed Assets Management System (FAMS)
Access Control System
Warehouse Management System

o    Smart Gate:

§   Smart Gate is an RFID powered vehicle access control application that allows users to enter a designated area through automatic identification.

o    Book App:

§   Book App is an RFID powered library management system that enables you to optimize library operations.

o    Fixed Asset Management System:

§   FAMS is an RFID powered fixed assets management application that drastically simplifies asset tracking, inventory and management.

o    Clock-in:

§  Clock-In is an RFID powered attendance control system that allows you to monitor punctuality and attendance.

o   Warehouse management:

§  Warehouse Management System is an RFID powered warehouse management application that makes the process of management any warehouse more straightforward and effortless.

o   Pro-Patrol:

§  Pro-Patrol is an RFID powered Patrol Management application that handles patrolling on specific checkpoints; it is designed for the evaluation and reporting of the patrol data.

o   Parking Management System:

§  Parking Management System is an RFID powered application that easily manages parking lots and helps the vehicle drivers to locate an empty place to park.

o   Supply Chain:

§  Supply Chain Management System is an RFID powered application that allows for end-to-end supply chain visibility. It allows you to keep track of all manufactured items from line of production to retail stores.

o   Smart Care Clock:

§  A powerful system with a user-friendly interface enhanced by the RFID technology helps in managing your nursery easily and very accurately.

o   Access Control:

§  RFID powered access control system that limits access of designated areas to authorized personnel only. This automatic identification system allows for heightened security, and easy admission for selected individuals.

o   Weapons Tracking system:

§  An RFID Tracking System that automates the management and tracking of the weapons in the ministries of defence and the ministries of interiors, providing fast inventory and location with a powerful reporting system.

o   1 Card For All:


§  RFID powered application that is designed mostly for hotels and resorts. It allows the facility to streamline their operations and guest activities using wristband or card to gain customized access to specific locations.





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