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Misr Raymond Foundations is a specialized contracting company offering a full range of piling and geotechnical services to the construction industry. It was incorporated in July 1979 under provisions of the Egyptian law No.43, by two shareholders being Raymond International and Specialized Contracting and Industries Co. (SCIC).

The association of Raymond International and SCIC commenced in 1965 when their parent companies co-operated on a project by project basis for foundations and related works in various Arab countries. This association was introduced to Egypt in 1977 and continued until the establishment of Misr Raymond in 1979, with a capital of L.E. 3,000,000.

Misr Raymond was originally noted for the famous Raymond Step-Taper pile which was manufactured in sizes and configurations to best meet almost any subsoil conditions and loading requirements.

However, since 1984, Misr Raymond has developed and now offers a full range of piling foundation systems, soil investigation, material testing laboratory, and technical support. Misr Raymond has the capability to construct piles of various types according to the site and soil type requirements. Misr Raymond is currently the market leader for marine and land foundations including all types of piles (bored, driven and CFA). The company is also a market pioneer in special works such as dredging and heavy lifting up to 4500 ton.

  Scope of Works covered by Misr Raymond:

 Driven Piles:

  1. Raymond Step-Taper piles.
  2. VibRay driven cast in situ piles.
  3. Closed ended and open ended pipe piles.
  4. Pre-cast piles.
  5. Pre-cast pre-stressed piles.
  6. Hard-drive segmental precast piles.
  7. Sheet piles. scope

 Bored Piles:

Rotary rigs create the pile bore by removing the soil in sections, approximately a meter deep, until the design depth has been reached. At this stage full depth reinforcement cages, steel sections or permanent casings can be easily installed prior to the placement of concrete. Misr Raymond piles range from 600 to 2500 mm and lengths reach up to 70 m deep. The individual pile load capacity reaches up to 1000 tons. Installation techniques include temporary casing, permanent casing, and bentonite slurry.

CFA Piles:

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles are constructed by injecting concrete through the hollow stem of the auger, with the spoil being extracted in one continuous movement as the auger is withdrawn. After the pile head is cleared of debris steel reinforcement is submerged into the high slump concrete. As this process requires no casings or drilling fluids CFA piling is a particularly economical choice of piled foundation in sands, gravels and low grade rock.

Special Foundations:

Special foundations include deep drainage systems, diaphragm walls, jet grouting, micro piles, slope stabilization, soil and rock anchors, and underpinning. Micropiles, also called mini piles, are normally made of steel with diameters of 60 to 200 mm. Where the demands of the job require piles in low headroom or otherwise restricted areas and for specialty or smaller scale projects, micropiles can be ideal. Micropiles are often grouted as shaft bearing piles but non-grouted micropiles are also common as end-bearing piles. Misr Raymond installs temporary and permanent sheet pile walls using driven or vibratory equipment.



       Special Works

  • Dredging

Grab or pump dredging works are performed using land or barge mounted equipment.

  •  Heavy Lifting

Specialized heavy lift services for marine pile cap lowering to present maximum lifts of 4500 tons.

Material Testing and Quality Control Laboratory

Misr Raymond’s Laboratory is capable of performing all tests required for concrete and other materials related to the design and construction of all foundation systems, and other structural elements.

 Topographic and Hydrographic Surveys:

Misr Raymond has extensive experience in topographic and hydrographic surveying. On and off-shore surveying work including bench marks, traverses, surveys and pegging out and hydrographic survey of sea bed.

 Onshore and Offshore Soil Investigation:

The company has an up to date Soil Investigation Department and Soil Mechanics Laboratory capable of performing all tests required for soil parameter evaluation, which is vital for successful foundation and geotechnical design.


All concrete, soil and materials testing laboratories are USAID and US Army Corps of Engineers Approved.

Misr Raymond has the expertise and equipment to provide the solution for all foundation problems that could be experienced in Egypt. The company has an extensive inventory of construction equipment and qualified staff capable of rapid mobilization and completion of quality projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

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