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Global Geobits-Egypt was founded in 1997. It is a member of  Osman Group companies and a leader in the area of Information Technology (IT) and Geographic Information System (GIS).

It has a branch in the U.S. market, Global Geobits Inc. located in San Diego, California. The firm specializes in Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Database Management System (DBMS), IT solutions, Consultation, Multimedia & Web Solutions, Vehicle Tracking Systems, and Training.

We have developed several applications, conducted many projects and offered various training programs for a number of national and international clients. The possibilities are endless when you tap to the vast resources of Global Geobits. We offer efficient, comprehensive, cost effective products to meet your needs. 

Our mission
is to deliver high quality service and provide dependable technical support to our clients. We invest heavily in research and development to keep our technical leadership in the ever-changing IT environment.

Our team
of highly skilled engineers and professionals brings an excellent understanding of current technology and its practical application in many areas including GIS, DBMS, GPS, satellite remote sensing, digital mapping, digital image processing, web solutions and multimedia. 


Our unique team qualifications include:

  • Management team includes academic University Professors & Consultants.
  • ESRI International Business Partner , Qualified Data Conversion sub-contractor &  ESRI authorized instructors.
  • Information Technology Institute (ITI) Graduates.


GIS/DBMS Global Geobits Company has vast experience in the area of geographic information systems (GIS) and offering GIS solutions. The company performs various tasks including system analysis, needs assessment, capacity assessment, requirement analysis, conceptual and physical design, data model development, GIS application development, customization, training, technical support, and consultation services.

Global Geobits supports all major platforms and employs different hardware/software components to satisfy our clients' needs. We provide our clients with up-to-date technology offering the following services:

GIS planning Services

  • Needs assessment.
  • Requirement analysis.
  • System analysis.
  • Application definition.
  • Conceptual design.

GIS Data Acquisition Whatever the data you need, we can deliver it. Our highly trained surveying, data acquisition, and application development team is ready to help you throughout your work, through specific well designed stages including:

  • Needs, cost & time frame assessment
  • Available & required data assessment including maps, images, documents, attributes, etc.
  • Design and implementation of data acquisition work plan.
  • Surveying and spatial data capturing (mapping, field surveying, photogrammetry, satellite remote sensing, GPS, etc…)
    Data preparation (digitizing and scanning) and
    Attribute data collection & data entry (e.g.: street names-landmarks- etc…).
  • Database design & attributes modeling.
  • Database & system upgrades.

GIS Implementation Services

  • GIS modeling .
  • Project management.
  • Application development.
  • System integration.
  • Data conversion.
  • Data entry.
  • Hardware / software delivery.
  • System installation & operation.
  • Data publishing & distribution.

GIS Technical Support Services

  • Training (concepts - practical - on the job).
  • Technical specifications and proposals.
  • System upgrading.

Mapping Since the foundation of Global Geobits, one of its main activities has been in the area of digital mapping and GIS Database development, which forms the backbone of any GIS application. We have thus exercised great care in producing our digital/ GIS ready databases applying rigorous and strict QC/QA procedures. Our spatial data is delivered with adequate metadata to insure our clients of the superior quality of our data. We have considered and addressed technical issues such as scales, map projections, and datum transformations, … etc. under the supervision of academic professors specializing in the area of surveying, mapping & GIS.
Our team has covered large areas of Egyptian territory at the following scales: 1:1000,000 – 1:250,000 – 1:40,000 – 1:25,000 – 1:5,000.

Digital mapping and GIS database development has been accomplished through a variety of methods including:

  • Data conversion from paper to digital format.
  • Digital mapping & GIS database development from satellite imagery.
  • Digital mapping & GIS database development from aerial photography.
  • Digital mapping & GIS database development from ground & GPS surveying.

Global Geobits is ready to produce GIS databases for any region inside Egypt that is outside our present coverage as soon as the client indicates the boundaries, scale, and other specifications required for the product.

OutsourcingThe cost of Digital Mapping and GIS database Development services is significantly lower in Global Geobits than USA, Canada , Europe or in Gulf Area while the technical skills are more than adequate. If overseas companies outsource their data conversion, digital mapping and GIS database development tasks to Global Geobits, they can save up to 50% of their present cost.

  • The success of any GIS application starts with the quality of its spatial database. Our experts have good and long experience in DBMS (Spatial, tabular, and image components). Our strong background in surveying and mapping sciences enhance our capability of building feature connectivity models, coordinate/ datum transformations, integration and data merge of map features and attribute data from multiple sources, and the development of digital land base maps.
  • We allocate adequate resources for our outsourcing data conversion tasks to deliver the product on time while maintaining the quality of our services.

Global Geobits Company enjoys very strong background in the area of surveying including:

  • Plane Surveying
  • Geodetic Surveying
  • Total Station Surveying

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

GPS is viewed as the ultimate dream of any surveyor. Our company has long realized that technology and used it in map production and data collection. GPS is being used in differential mode, RTK, ...etc.

Photogrametry is a well-established technique for topographic mapping. It has developed from analog, analytical, towards digital concepts. Our company is in the process of acquiring digital photogrammetric workstation to widen its ability of digital map production for a wide range of map scales. The system is expected to handle conventional and non-conventional photography taking into account the proper geometrical mathematical models for establishing ground and image relationship. 

Remote Sensing

One of the definitions of remote sensing is "remote sensing is the acquisition of physical data of an object without touch or contact".
July 1972 marked the birth of launching the first earth satellite (LANDSAT). Since then many satellites were launched among which are SPOT, IRS, IKONOSS, QUICK BIRD, ...etc. Global Geobits has used new high resolution (1m) IKONOS and quick bird satellite imaging in producing large scale maps for many cities and villages inside Egypt. Rectification and Geo-referencing of these images were based on GCP's mainly from GPS surveys. Field teams are usually sent to the site to collect relevant attribute data.

Web Solutions
Global Geobits offers innovative GIS solutions designed for the Internet. Web solutions are changing the way organizations communicate and disseminate information. Public agencies and commercial companies can combine GIS with Internet technology for remote navigation, customer services, market analysis, & many more.
E-Business is growing faster than anyone ever predicted. Consider connecting your business directly to your target through a dynamic database (customers, employees, vendors and business partners) and you will directly experience the rapid growth of the E-Business.

Multimedia Presenting your work in an elegant way requires an artistic yet functional product. Our experts can provide you a multimedia-ready presentation starting from interface design to professional product. Global Geobits provides a wide range of computer graphics, ideas, and concepts that match the requirements and philosophy of our clients. Computer graphics is not looked upon as a mere artistic tool, but viewed as a means of conveying concepts and messages to target groups.
We cover most of the recent areas related to multimedia and web design while maintaining continuous support to help our clients to fulfill and accomplish most of the work phases, including other segmentation, data collection, data entry, logos' design, pages' design, animation design etc…

Tracking Systems Global Geobits provides various tracking systems with complete support of hardware, software and digital maps. These systems cover wide range of users including both civil and military needs. We provide these systems to support requirements and other constraints of various users.Vehicle Tracking Systems G-Solution (A tale of three technologies)
Global Geobits combines various technologies such as GPS, GIS and wireless Communications (GSM/Radio) to track the tour path of a vehicle or single person. These technologies are used to develop applications that enable users to track their locations, store their route information, report route information and search for new locations etc…

Tracking Services include:

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Electronic Tour Guide Systems
  • GPS Applications
  • GIS Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • Data Base Applications


  • Tour Guide System
  • Street Locator
  • Preview and Follow a saved Track
  • Vehicle Reporter
  • Electronic Tour Guide

Smart Cards

Wireless Identification Systems
Wireless Identification Systems is a generic term for technologies using radio waves to automatically identify people and/or objects. There are many different methods and techniques for identifications including a serial number identifying a person or object. This identification method is stored on a microchip attached to an antenna. The microchip and the antenna together are called an Wireless Identification Systems transponder or simply Wireless Identification Systems tag.

This enables the chip to transmit the information to an interrogator (reader), which would convert the radio wave into digital information, which in turn is passed on to computers that can make use of the information.Smart cards can be used in almost every discipline from tracking cows and pets to triggering equipment down oil wells.

The most common applications are tracking goods in the supply chain, reusable containers, high value tools and other assets (e.g. museum artifacts and library books) and parts moving to a manufacturing production line. Wireless Identification Systems are also used for security (including controlling access to buildings and networks), tracking cargo and suitcases at airports and payment systems that let customers pay for items without using cash.

The possibilities for Wireless Identification Systems are practically infinite and they will creep into our daily lives with an accelerated pace. Examples of where Wireless Identification Systems technology had been used include – but are not limited to:

  • Library and rare book collections
  • Museum artifacts
  • Luggage and cargo at airports and railway terminals
  • Person identification
  • Food production control
  • Blood analysis identification
  • Water analysis
  • Refuse collection identification
  • Road construction material identification
  • Toxic water monitoring
  • Vehicle parking monitoring
  • Valuable objects insurance identification
  • Oil pipe identification
  • Machine tool management
  • Gas bottle inventory control
  • Duty evasion
  • Stolen vehicle identification
  • Production line monitoring
  • Car body production
  • Access control
  • Security guard monitoring

Asset Management
We provide a single-system approach to a variety of automatic monitoring and tracking applications.
Automatic Identification network-based resource management tools designed to leverage the enterprise LAN to identify, locate and track your mission-critical people and assets right from the desktop. From protecting office computers to monitoring personnel and inventory movements, these products now bring total visibility to your business operations.

TrainingGlobal Geobits team includes qualified instructors in many fields, including GIS, digital mapping, and web development solutions. Instructors include university professors and software engineers. Our comprehensive training program covers theoretical, practical as well as on-the-job training. Our unique on-the-job training maximizes the benefits gained from theoretical and practical courses. Tailored training programs vary from one project to another and depend on the scope of the work covering the following topics:

  • GIS
  • DBMS
  • Data Conversion
  • Digital Mapping
  • Photogrammetry
  • Remote Sensing
  • Web Development solutions


Global Geobits developed several in-house products among which are the following:


Geo Tour
Working on a laptop, pen computer or a PDA, GEOTOUR© allows the integration of GIS and GPS with functionality including four modules: Tracking module, Track Preview module, Street Locator module & Landmarks Locator module.

Geo Analyzer
GEOANALYZER© is a standalone GIS application that executes common GIS functionality. With GEOANALYZER© users can view, update and query spatial data and generate generic maps and charts. GEOANALYZER© has been customized by our staff to perform water quality management functions & GIS database development from high-resolution satellite data. The application can be customized to meet any other user requirements.

Mobile GIS
A GIS software that works on embedded devices such as handheld devices, mobile computing and smart devices.
MOBILEGIS© supports latest versions of Windows CE.Net and Pocket PC. The software features the common GIS mobile functionality.


GISNET© is a map browser for the Internet. Built on ASP and CGI technologies, it can operate on any server with no extra component required on the server. GISNET© provides all common GIS web functionality and tools.



Our unique team qualifications include:
  • Management team includes academic University Professors & Consultants.
  • ESRI International Business Partner & Qualified Data Conversion sub-contractor & ESRI authorized instructors.
  • Information Technology Institute (ITI) Graduates.

Global Geobits has developed several projects for many clients including the following:


  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Electricity
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Planning
  • Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and New Communities
  • Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources
  • Ministry of Foreign Trade & Industry
  • Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of State for Administrative Development 
  • Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.).
  • Osman Group companies.
  • Ismailia Governorate.
  • Alexandria Water General Authority (AWGA).
  • Cairo University. 
  • Mansoura University.
  • Development Research and Technological Planning Center (DRTPC).
  • Centre D’etudes et de Documentation Économiques, Juridiques et sociales (CEDEJ). 
  • Dream Land (Bahgat Group).
  • EMAK Marsa Allam


  • Geographic Planning Collaborative (GPC).
  • Thomas Brothers Maps.
  • Cambria Community Services District, San Luis Obispo County.
  • Centex Homes- Inland Empire Division, Riverside , CA.
  • City of Valencia, CA.
  • University of Redlands, Redlands, CA.
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.


  • International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC).


  • Superintnedencia de aguas, La Paz.


  • ESRI / Elkhateeb & Almi / Miner & Miner.


  • Fukuoka National University.


  • Dar Al Handasah (Elshair & Co.).


  • Orascom Telecom

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